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Baines Masonry is now supplying Truly Sustainable Bricks™ (TSB™) manufactured from 85% of recycled materials. These bricks, 230x76x110, are light weight which offer increased benefits over dense weight bricks such as OH&S and improved productivity.

The average weight of a cored clay brick and a concrete common is 3 kg ea. but the TSB™ brick is on average 35% lighter than either clay or concrete bricks, an average of 50kg per square meter less.

TSB’s are cheaper to transport and involve less truck movements thus having a positive impact on fuel consumption and road congestion.   

No quarried material is used in manufacture of TSB’s which is hugely beneficial for our environment and they are 100% recyclable.

If you are serious about Sustainable Construction start specifying TSB™ bricks.

What is Sustainable Construction?

Sustainable Construction is the adoption of materials and products in buildings and construction that will require less use of natural resources and increase the reusability of such materials and products for the same or similar purpose, thereby reducing waste as well Sustainable construction also enhances the resilience of the industry as such materials are readily available in the world market.

Sustainable construction starts with planning and design. The developer’s and designers roles are therefore critical. 

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