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Product Focus – NatureStone® Retaining Wall System

Designing a retaining wall that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing can be difficult. Our NatureStone® Retaining Wall System is constructed with a natural stone, in either a rock or smooth finish, making it the perfect wall against the Australian Landscape while being structurally sound.

A part of the BelleStone™ range of products, the NatureSone® Retaining Wall System is easy to lay and reinforce, cost effective and provides a complete system for a wall project, inclusive of wall blocks, capping, corner returns and sills.It uses the ‘Hendrick’ patented system of adhering natural stone to structural masonry blocks. The system uses high strength, purpose neutral-cure adhesive, and 316 marine grade pins, fixed mechanically to the top and bottom of the masonry block. These elements insure each unit’s integrity.

Construction and engineering of the NatureStone® block using this method enables builders to gain an advantage when building their projects. The lighter weight of the blocks better enables tradesman when block laying, making it an easier and quicker process. The design of the blocks gives engineers the ability to use standard design tables, while also ensuring the project is to standard with AS3700 and BCA compliance. The system also has ecological and sustainable development benefits as the Betta Blocks used are created using recycled materials and less concrete.

To visualise your project using the NatureStone® Retaining Wall System, use our New Masonry Designer Software!

To discuss the benefits of NatureStone or any of our other masonry products talk to one of our experts.

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Design for Summer Entertainment: Water Features

With increasingly warmer days in Australia, our outdoor spaces have become an extension of our indoor space. Particularly when it comes to entertaining we want our yards and landscapes to be more than BBQ space but to become outdoor living spaces. At Baines Masonry, we have a wide range of water feature products that can elevate your outdoor areas.

Our water feature collection features a selection of materials that complement a wide array of design styles and landscapes. Some of our water features are crafted from copper, others from natural stone, reconstituted stone, light weight fibre cement, resin, or terrazzo.

We also feature a selection of decorative garden pieces and pots. To ensure quality each piece is handmade and as such they can be customised to suit your specific needs and to deliver the versatility discerning home owners demand.

We provide a vast, ever-evolving product range with something to suit all budgets. The latest addition to the range are a copper collection, which includes large handmade copper walls, troughs and outdoor lighting.

These products work well with their matching range of contemporary charcoal coloured water features, bowls, and pots, available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

To discuss how you can use our water feature products to transform your open-air spaces into outdoor living areas that everyone can enjoy year round, contact us!

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Product Focus – Norfolk Retaining Wall Block System

The Norfolk™ Retaining Wall Block System is a ‘rock face’ interlocking wall system that steps down at a 17° angle. Its textured finish and natural pallet of colour create a space that blends to the natural surroundings while adding value and usability to an area. Baines Masonry blocks have developed this retaining wall system as a DIY assembly that doesn’t require a builder for construction.

The Norfolk™ blocks have a special locking connection which makes creating a stunning retaining wall by yourself easy and affordable. There is no need for mortar or other adhesives when building the wall which saves time and money. Each Block is made of high strength, low absorption, and maintenance free concrete.

Norfolk™ Blocks can be built up to a height of 900mm (subject to local council requirements) without reinforcement or engineer’s certification. Walls can be made straight, curved or terraced to fit the contours of an embankment. They are available in a variety of colours including Appin Stone, Charcoal, Penrose, Oakdale, Yellow Rock, Red Rock and Bushrock.

"Imitation is the highest form of compliment" - Not a truer word has been spoken in regards to the Norfolk® Retaining Wall System. Many of our competitors will offer you products of similar shape and colour, but due to legal reasons they cannot duplicate the superior locking connection of our systems. Our product quality and our superior, unique, system design is your piece of mind that you are investing in the best segmental retaining wall system in Australia. It is the original and the best!

Call one of our experts today to discuss how you can use the Norfolk™ Retaining Wall Block System!

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The importance of retaining wall drainage

Retaining walls are an important element in architectural design, playing a vital role not only in aesthetics but also by providing structural integrity to a landscape. Retaining walls allow for steeply sloped masses to be utilised, creating a balance between the walls vertical forces and the lateral forces of the soil above the retaining walls footings. Without preparation, this balance can be unsettled when external influences are placed on the wall, such as rain.  ... Read more

Product Focus – TrojanStone Sleepers

Concrete sleeps are simple design to ensure your landscape and outdoor area is finished with a functional but sleek aesthetic. Baines Masonry are a distributor for TrojanStone concrete sleepers which provide a long term structural solution and added design element to your retaining wall project.  ... Read more


Choosing the right finish and colour for your project

Choosing the right finish and colours for a project is important as the choices determine the tone for the area and can determine the success of the project. To take the risk out of the designing process, the team at Baines Masonry have put together some tips, and have also developed online tools to aid in the designing and specification of your project.

Matching a colour can be difficult, especially if there has been time between stages of the project, as there is often a variance in colour between batches of manufacture and different brands. Instead of matching colours opt for a different shade, lighter or darker, which will complement the existing design and create a cohesive look.

A neutral shade can be a safe choice as they blend well with a wide colour palette and also provide flexibility for future changes.Another alternative is to pull out accent colours. For example, use one of the less dominant colours from stone or block. This will emphasize particular colours within the stone which may have otherwise not been noticeable.

Try using different textures in your design which can create a point of differentiation. Blocks can have a stone finish, rough split face, smooth, polished and honed surface. For example, to create an interesting point in the design of a smooth wall, a row of split face blocks can be run along the second course of blocks. This can make an otherwise plan wall look striking.


The online designer tools, developed by Baines Masonry, are available to help you design your next project. The Masonry Designer Software allows you to select your colour, block and layout, and then produces an electronic visual of your projects. The possibilities are endless, as you can mix colours and block types while creating numerous examples. The team at Baines Masonry understand that making a decision is hard when you’re not sure of the outcome. This program takes the risk out of your design choices. 

Baines Masonry have also developed a new Fire & Acoustic Calculator which is a simple tool that takes the guesswork out of specification and gives builders, designers and contractors the peace of mind that they are able to comply with industry requirements and significantly reducing their exposure to liability.

For more information on the types of blocks available from Baines Masonry, the online tools or to talk to an expert, click here.

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Product Focus – Tasman Retaining Wall System

The Tasman™ retaining wall system is the premium retaining wall product for near vertical and very high retaining walls. Its natural rock face finish and colours, and purpose made corner and capping units ensure a beautifully finished landscape solution. Baine Masonry manufactures the Tasman block from its site at Appin, NSW.  ... Read more

Fire and Acoustic performance with Baines Masonry

The Australian residential landscape has evolved over the last few years with many Australians choosing to live in multi-residential housing and adopting inner-city lifestyles in the suburbs. This trend has created a complex task for designers, contractors and workers involved in the design and construction of such projects where the risks and regulations have increased. The need to provide the best-performing products can determine ones success, especially when meeting the fire and acoustic requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Baines Masonry are experts with fire and acoustic with their range of blocks and newly designed Fire and Acoustic Calculator.

About Fire resistance performance

The fire resistance performance of a masonry wall is considered with regards to three characteristics; structural adequacy, integrity & insulation. Each characteristic is expressed in terms of the number of minutes that the wall can resist a particular fire intensity defined by AS 1530.4-2005. For example a fire resistance level (FRL) of 180/120/120 implies 180 minutes of resistance for structural adequacy, 120 minutes of resistance for integrity and 120 minutes of resistance for insulation. Each characteristic is defined by AS 1530.4-2005 as follows:

1.Structural adequacy:The ability of a load-bearing element of construction to support a load when tested in accordance with AS 1530.4-2005.

2.Integrity:The ability of an element of construction to resist the passage of flames and hot gases from one space to another, when tested in accordance with AS 1530.4-2005.

3.Insulation:The ability of an element of construction to maintain a temperature on the surface that is not exposed to the furnace, below the limits specified, when tested in accordance with AS 1530.4-2005.

When a wall is in a non-load bearing situation, the FRL for structural adequacy is stated as a dash, e.g. -/120/120

About Acoustic Performance

Where necessary, the acoustic performance of a wall must be considered in order to safeguard the occupants of a part of a building from illness or loss of comfort.

The two main aspects of consideration in regards to acoustic performance are airborne sound and impact generated sound.

Airborne sound is commonly measured by playing a series of differing frequency sounds on one side of a wall and measuring the sound loss on the other side. It is stated in terms of a weighted sound index (Rw), the higher the index value, the higher the element prevents the transmission of the sound. An adjustment factor is typically associated with the weighted sound index which is called the spectrum adaption term (Ctr) which accounts for low frequency noise. This adjustment factor is always a negative number and is added to the weighted sound index to give a combined value lower than Rw. For example, an Rw of 53 with a Ctr of -6 gives an Rw + Ctr of 47. These values are typically obtained from testing in accordance with AS/NZS 1276.1 or ISO 717.

Baines Fire and Acoustic performing blocks

Baines Masonry currently offer two types of concrete blocks that are recommended where specific fire and acoustic performance is required. These are Betta Block units and Dense Weight units. Both types are available in various unit sizes and are suitable for core filled and non-core filled applications.Baines Masonry products are suitable for use in load bearing and non-load bearing walls for all types of buildings. The material composition and specific unit dimensions have been optimised, tested and assessed by leading organisations around Australia in order to provide exceptional fire and acoustic performances.

Baines Masonry have undertaken extensive non-load bearing fire testing of the Betta Block product range with CSIRO in North Sydney, NSW. The acoustic performance of internal Baines Masonry walls have been assessed by a leading Australian acoustic firm. The results of each are outlined in the ‘Fire & Acoustic Technical Manual for Load Bearing & Non-load Bearing Walls’.

Baines Masonry Fire and Acoustic Calculator

Through their extensive knowledge and expertise in masonry, the team at Baines Masonry have devised a new Fire and Acoustic calculator to take the headache out of specification. This simple web-based tools has been specifically designed to address concerns surrounding compliance, fire protection, and insulation, the Fire & Acoustic Calculator makes selection of the correct product and compliance with the BCA easier than ever. The simple tool takes the guesswork out of specification and gives designers and specifiers the peace of mind that they are fully complying with industry requirements and significantly reducing their exposure to liability.

To use the tool, designers and specifiers simply enter a few simple design parameters that include the required wall type, installation environment, acoustic and fire insulation requirements, and the relevant BCA requirement. The Calculator then instantly provides a tailored shortlist of Baines Masonry products that meet the specified parameters. The shortlist is also provided in printable PDF format, allowing the designer or specifier to retain a hard copy for reference or insertion into tender documents.

To try it click here!

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Product Focus - SRW Rapid-Set Polyurethane Adhesive

Baines Masonry is proud to introduce SRW Adhesive.   ... Read more

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