Masonry Blocks VS Bricks

Masonry blocks and bricks share some factors including their fire resistant properties, their high thermal mass and low insulation values. While Masonry blocks and bricks share these similarities, learning the difference between each can help you make an informed decision on what product to use in your next project.

1.Insulation – Masonry blocks have a higher insulation level, with bricks being that similar to wood-framed buildings.

2. Strength – While the strength of a wall can be dependent on the type of mortar used. In general, concrete blocks have a slightly higher level of strength than clay bricks, making them a stronger choice.

3.Cost – While the cost of the individual block or brick may be similar, it is the labour and technical skill needed that may influence costs. The larger size of the concrete masonry block may reduce the time needed to kay the blocks, thus reducing the costs associated with labour.

4.Weight - Masonry block and brick are both quite heavy materials. Their individual weight depends on the materials and type of construction. The cost associated with transporting and moving the blocks onto site may increase with the larger concrete blocks, with some instances requiring heavy machinery to move into specific areas before laying.

To find out how you can use Masonry blocks in your next project, contact one of our experts.


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Preparing your landscape for winter

Product Focus – SRW SB3 Spundbond Geotextiles

SRW Spunbond polypropylene geotextiles are commercial grade landscape fabrics with high puncture resistance. Spunbond geotextiles have high water flow creating excellent permittivity. 


  • High water flow/permittivity
  • Easy to cut, easy to use
  • Puncture and tear resistant
  • Weed control


  • Behind retaining walls
  • French drains/drain fields
  • Gardens/planters
  • General landscaping

To use SRW Spunbond polypropylene geotextiles in your next project, contact one of our experts.

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Why Masonry Blocks are the best investment

Masonry blocks have become a material of choice for builders and designers in recent years due to the return on investment financially and the versatility in design that masonry blocks offer. The decision to use masonry blocks has been made easy with the array of benefits that explain why Masonry Blocks are the best investment.

1.Masonry blocks exhibit high durability: The nature of masonry, as a solid and strong material ensures long lasting durability and structural integrity for long periods of time. Masonry blocks can generally sustain their integrity in weather, against vandals and accidents.

2.Masonry blocks show savings financially, both initially and long-term: Masonry blocks provide a onestep building process, with an array of different textures and finishes available. This means that additional coverings or surface finishes are not required, saving money on the initial build of the project. The quality standard of our masonry blocks ensures there are less repairs and need for maintenance, providing financial savings long-term.

3.Masonry blocks have add structural integrity to a project: Masonry blocks form a solid form that can easily accommodate vertical reinforcement. This ensures projects can sustain all weather forces and technical project designs.

4.Masonry blocks provide design flexibility: The range of masonry blocks and their different finishes means that you can design your project to suit any existing or new design. As the blocks are pre-made ready for delivery changes in colour and finish can be made with flexibility up until the laying point.

5.They provide fire resistance capabilities: Masonry blocks are resistant against burning at certain temperatures and time ensuring the integrity of the building, content and the people inside.

6.Masonry blocks provide better insulation: The thermal mass of concrete masonry walls insulate against outside temperatures better than metal walls to help maintain constant temperatures inside while reducing your heating and cooling costs.

7.Acoustic levels are reduced with masonry blocks: Due to masonry blocks mass and structure noise is reduced, including inside and outside noises.

8.Masonry Blocks are environmentally sustainable: Masonry blocks are manufactures from recycled materials making them a sustainable product which help reduce waste and help the environment.

9.Masonry Blocks may provide lower insurance rates: Masonry blocks provide greater integrity to a building, which may help against break-ins, fires and intense weather.

10.Masonry blocks provide greater value to your building and/or project: Masonry blocks are a structurally sound material that have a beautiful finish. Their durability and design can increase the value of a project, whether for immediate sale or long-term investment.

To discuss how you can use our masonry blocks in your next project contact one of our experts.

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Product Focus: SRW StringAlong

The SRW StringAlong collar, distributed by Baines Masonry Blocks, makes raising and lowering elevations easy.  ... Read more

Ensure your outdoor space works

With increased populations in suburbia leading to smaller homes with shrinking living spaces inside the home, outdoor spaces have become more valuable to residents. Not only are people entertaining outside more, but their outside areas have become an extension of their inside spaces, often with dining and entertainment areas now being transferable between indoor and outdoor.

Create outdoor rooms

Use your limited space wisely by assigning specific uses for each area. This will ensure all spaces are utilised and everything has its place which is important for storage and small back yards. To help create room’s outdoor flooring, such as pavers, can be used to show a designated area. Using garden beds and pot plants to surround an area can also provide a clear division between areas, while also adding to the aesthetics of the design.

Incorporate your Green Thumb

Having a garden can seem impractical in small areas, however with the introduction of vertical gardens and the clever use of pot plants, a garden can be introduced easily. Vertical gardens provide a great opportunity to grow your own herbs and vegetables while also not taking up precious space. Incorporating pot plants can be beneficial if you don’t have the space top plant also as they can be moved around as the seasons require and can also be introduced inside.

Small landscaping upgrades

If your home didn’t come with much landscaping, or even worse, it’s basically a small patch of dirt and you can’t afford extensive landscaping, consider a fire pit, water feature or pizza oven to create a focal point and social area. A stone fire pit instantly makes a place to hang out during the winters and it’s a great addition to a small yard. A fire pit can be made easily from masonry blocks or be already assembled, either way, it can be an effective means of creating impact.

Multipurpose is key

Create spaces that have multiple uses, such as outside dining area that can be changed into a cinema. Creating multiple uses for space creates greater opportunities to use an area and get the most out of your spaces. Also using multipurpose furniture is another means to maximise your outdoor spaces. For example, an ottoman can be used as a seat or a coffee table.

Contact one of our masonry experts to see how our products can help maximise your outdoor spaces. From retaining walls, paving patios or creating a fire pit, we have a solution for your next project!

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Product Focus: StoneFace Veneer

StoneFace™ is an innovative new concept in architectural masonry which draws inspiration from the Australian landscape and Australian heritage buildings to create a unique and eye-catching stone finish.  ... Read more

Deciding on your paver style

Adding pavers to an area can add great value to a home whether it’s defining an outdoor entertainment area or adding structure to a pathway. Choosing the right paver can be difficult which is why the team at Baines Masonry have outlined several factors to consider when selecting pavers.

Type of Paver

The first decision is choosing the type of paver. This will generally be based on the style in which your design is based on also its application. The two main types of pavers available at Baines Masonry Blocks are our natural finish pavers and concrete pavers. Our Natural finish pavers are our TrojanStone pavers used generally for a natural and high design finish. Our concrete pavers are our ColourStone paver range made from coloured concrete. Regardless of the design of your project we have a paver to suit!

Colour Choices

When selecting a colour, simple choices that complement but not distract from your space are ideal. Remembering that colours affect moods and influence emotions, the tone can influence the aesthetics of the area. Also colour can influence how space looks in size with lighter colours generally making space appear larger. Colour can also be used to create points of interests and can be used to incorporate a pattern or unique design.

Paver Size

Pavers come in a variety of sizes from large and small. Generally the larger the paver, the smaller the space may appear. Also when considering size, application should be considered as this would affect the longevity of the products use. For example the use of large pavers in a driveway or high traffic zone may leave to increased pressures and breakages, and as such smaller pavers are suggested to be used instead.

Paver layout and Design

The layout of a paver design doesn’t need to be boring, with a multitude of different patterns available to create a unique space. Patterns can be designed to incorporate different sizes and colours along with unique placement choices. It should be noted however, that a design will be influenced by the existing aesthetics of the surrounding environment. For example, a modern home would look best with a more simple design and complementary colour.

After selecting your paver style its time get your paver project underway! For more information on our range of pavers and installation processes contact one of our masonry experts!

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Product Focus: SRW CG Counter Guard Seal

Distributed by Baines Masonry Blocks, the CG Counter Guard creates an invisible barrier of defence for outdoor countertops, benches, and work surfaces.  ... Read more

Sustainability with Baines Masonry Blocks

Using masonry blocks for the construction of your next project is a sustainable choice with several environmental benefits over other solutions in the market.

The material, a combination of concrete and aggregates, creates a low maintenance product which lasts longer. This not only reduces the environmental impact of producing more material, but also provides more financial value as replacement products are not needed. At Baines Masonry, our blocks are made from recycled material further enhancing it sustainable properties.

Masonry Blocks can also reduce the energy consumption of residents of a building, as the structure is able to sustain its temperatures for longer, providing insulation during the cooler and warmer months. The consistent temperatures lowers energy costs by moving peak loads to non-peak hours due to the longer hours of sustained temperature, while ensuring the comfort of those inside.

Due to the ease of movement of masonry blocks and their size, the construction requirements for masonry blocks are kept to low. Without the need for large equipment the impact on the environment is lower than other products on the market.

Not only are our masonry blocks sustainable, we at Baines Masonry have considered what is best for the environment in all aspects of our business. Our production facility at Appin, south of Sydney, has been configured to lower embodied energy, reduce greenhouse gases, increase recycling, eliminate water pollution, and preserve local fauna and flora.

To find out more about our masonry blocks and how they can transform your next project while also providing a sustainable solution, contact one our masonry experts today!

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