Baines Masonry
Baines Masonry will be close for the Easter break from 3pm Thursday 18th April to 7am Monday 29th April

Retaining Wall Products for Home Owners

Concrete and stone faced Retaining Walls

  • Norfolk


    L 390mm x H 190mm x W 190mm

    Concrete block Wall

  • Tasman


    L 390mm x H 200mm x W 225mm

    Concrete block Wall

  • Garden Stone


    L 240mm x H 120mm x W 190mm

    Concrete block Wall

  • nature stone


    L 398mm x H 198mm x W 190mm

    Stone Faced Wall

  • concrete sleeper

    Concrete Sleeper

    L 1800mm x H 200mm x W 60mm

    Concrete Sleeper

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