Can you fire proof a building?

While no building material is one hundred percent fireproof, selecting fire-resistant materials can help reduce the impact of fire and any potential tragedies. At Baines Masonry, we understand the importance of designing and constructing safe buildings, developing an innovative range of masonry products that exhibit fire-resistant characteristics.

Overall, concrete masonry blocks offer a non-combustible and low thermal conductivity option for construction providing protection for occupants and the property. These properties result in slower burning fires, which enable occupants to be alerted faster and lifesaving action to be taken sooner. They are ideal for both external and internal walls as they are effective in preventing the spread of a fire from building to building and from room to room, helping to contain a fire even if there is no water supply.

At Baines Masonry, we currently offer two types of concrete blocks that are recommended when trying to create a fire-resistant structure; Betta Block units and Dense Weight units. Both block systems are available in various unit sizes and are suitable for core filled and non-core filled applications. They can be used in load-bearing and non-load bearing walls for many types of projects, with the material composition and specific unit dimensions optimised, tested and assessed to ensure its fire-resistant performance.

More information regarding the specific performance of our masonry blocks can be sourced from our Fire & Acoustic Technical Manual for Load Bearing & Non-load Bearing Walls.

Try our new Fire and Acoustics Calculator and take the guesswork out of specification!

For discus how you can build your next project with fire-resistant materials contact one of our industry specialists.

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