Masonry Blocks VS Bricks

Masonry blocks and bricks share some factors including their fire resistant properties, their high thermal mass and low insulation values. While Masonry blocks and bricks share these similarities, learning the difference between each can help you make an informed decision on what product to use in your next project.

1.Insulation – Masonry blocks have a higher insulation level, with bricks being that similar to wood-framed buildings.

2. Strength – While the strength of a wall can be dependent on the type of mortar used. In general, concrete blocks have a slightly higher level of strength than clay bricks, making them a stronger choice.

3.Cost – While the cost of the individual block or brick may be similar, it is the labour and technical skill needed that may influence costs. The larger size of the concrete masonry block may reduce the time needed to kay the blocks, thus reducing the costs associated with labour.

4.Weight - Masonry block and brick are both quite heavy materials. Their individual weight depends on the materials and type of construction. The cost associated with transporting and moving the blocks onto site may increase with the larger concrete blocks, with some instances requiring heavy machinery to move into specific areas before laying.

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